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How To Set Up a Cheap Grow Room

How To Set Up a Cheap Grow Room

You're a complete cannabis novice, but you're going to start experimenting with indoor growing. Cost is often the first thing a novice considers, and setting up an inexpensive grow room won't cost you much.

To establish a primary growth space, you generally need to prepare the following equipment:

  • Grow room
  • Grow lights
  • Medium
  • Pot
  • Fan 

Grow room

The basic requirement of the planting room is lightproof, and it needs a waterproof floor, preferably with a reflective wall. And you should have good ventilation.

A grow tent can perfectly match these conditions. I saw a 2X2ft grow tent on Amazon for about $50. Of course you can buy some reflective materials to DIY a simple tent. In this way, you can build a simple grow tent for less than $20. See this video for specific DIY methods. 

If you have a spare room, you can also convert the room into a grow room. Of course, the larger the space you want, the higher the cost of remodeling. Because you need more material. Setting up a lightproof and reflective interior requires wrapping the room with a reflective material all around the room, as well as covering the floor with waterproof material.

Grow light

No matter what type of grow light you choose, you need to choose the  size of the grow light based on your growing space. If you're using a 2X2 ft grow tent, a smaller wattage grow light will suffice.

A 100-watt LED grow light costs about $60. You can see many options on Amazon. Of course you can take a look at our best value BESTVA BP series.


Soil is cheap, and for a newbie, soil is definitely the most cost-effective option. You can use most mixed potting soils for a simple indoor growing setup. If you want to make sure you can get a bigger harvest from your cannabis, it's definitely worth investing a little more in your soil. For example, you can try some coco, the price is about 32 dollars. The standard mixed soil price is about 17 US dollars.

Hydroponics is a new technology that can produce high-quality crops, but the cost involved in hydroponics installations is a bit high, so I won't go into details here.


Pots are indispensable. You bet it does! Container size makes all the difference for a good harvest! The right size container is the first step toward successful grows that thrive and flourish. The lifetime of a cannabis plant may require 2-3 separate containers. The container size is different each time you use it. From germination to harvest, you may need to transfer the plant to another container 2-3 times. Growing cannabis in a container that is too small can cause your plants to grow stunted because of their well-developed root system. Many people start with one gallon and move to five gallons before harvesting. If your plant is larger, you may need a seven gallon.

Plastic tub is pretty cheap, it cost about $2. And a 2 gallon fabric pot is about $3-5.


The fan is an essential part of the grow tent—point it between the plant and the light, then turn it on and let it spin. Air movement in the growing space is critical to the healthy growth of plants. It strengthens your plants against mold and mildew. You can get a decent quality fan for $30. 

So the cost of a small and cheap indoor grower for beginners is

100W LED Grow Light $60
2X2 ft Grow Tent $50
12 Quart Soil $17
2 Gallon Plastic Pot $2
Fan $30
 Total Cost $159

If all goes well, then start enjoying your growth!

Remember, planting is never easy, don't be discouraged even if the results don't meet expectations, like everything, practice makes perfect, and if you persist you could soon be sharing some of your delicious homegrown with your friends. 

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