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        BESTVA Bars LED Grow Lights TF Series for Indoor Plants Samsung LM301B Diodes Full Spectrum Daisy Chain Grow Light Achieve 2.9umol/J

        $129.90 $222.90

        BESTVA BAT Series Dimmable LED Grow Light for Your Indoor Grow Samsung LM301B Diodes by WIFI Control

        $99.90 $599.90

        BESTVA CF 650W LED Grow Lights Feature Market-leading Efficacies Spectra from Broad White to High Red


        BESTVA Full Spectrum DC Series LED Grow Light for Greenhouse Hydroponic Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

        $79.90 $209.90

        BESTVA Spirit-X 720W Daisy Chain Full Spectrum Dimmable Grow Light SMD3030 Diodes with UV IR Achieve 2.7umol/J