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        BESTVA Bars LED Grow Lights TF Series for Indoor Plants Samsung LM301B Diodes Full Spectrum Daisy Chain Grow Light Achieve 2.9umol/J

        $129.90 $429.90

        BESTVA BAT Series Dimmable LED Grow Light for Your Indoor Grow Samsung LM301B Diodes by WIFI Control

        $109.90 $599.90

        BESTVA CF 650W LED Grow Lights Feature Market-leading Efficacies Spectra from Broad White to High Red


        BESTVA Dimmable Full Spectrum Pro Series Quantum LED Grow Light for Indoor Hydroponic Plants Growing


        BESTVA Full Spectrum DC Series LED Grow Light for Greenhouse Hydroponic Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

        $79.90 $209.90

        BESTVA Spirit-X 720W Daisy Chain Full Spectrum Dimmable Grow Light SMD3030 Diodes with UV IR Achieve 2.7umol/J