Full spectrum LED grow lights VS HPS light

Full spectrum LED grow lights VS HPS light

Many marijuana growers generally choose to grow indoors or outdoors. If there is no reliable and sufficient sunlight, they need to use high-quality grow lights for indoor cultivation.Cannabis cultivation has become mainstream in some countries and regions, and many cannabis cultivation experts would love to openly share many growth strategies. We can now easily obtain this information on the Internet. 

The grow light has become an indispensable tool for growing cannabis. Regarding cannabis grow lights, HPS light and LED grow lights occupy the main market in the demand for cannabis cultivation.


  • HPS lights are high-pressure sodium lamps,
  • LED means light-emitting diode. 
  • The controversy about HPS and LED lights has always existed

HPS lights are high-pressure sodium lamps, which are commonly used by indoor flower and vegetable growers today. HPS lights are often used as a single light source throughout the vegetative and reproductive stages.

LED means light-emitting diode. LED grow lights are the lamps that create light for plant growth through the effective use of energy. The full-spectrum LED grow lights can simulate the effect of natural light on plants, which makes it gradually occupy a space in indoor planting.

The controversy about HPS and LED lights has always existed, and many novice cannabis growers are still confused about how to choose grow lights. There are many factors that can influence one grower to grow better than another, and not every grower cares about the same exact indicators. We have selected several factors that we think are important: cost; spectrum; efficiency; lifespan.

2. So Why Use LED Grow Lights?

  • Saving energy is one of the most important things
  • LED lights have a longer bulb life
  • HPS lights they emanate more heat than LED lights
  • Spectrum describes the different wavelengths 

Saving energy is one of the most important things for anyone who is using grow light. LED Grow lights are preferred because they consume less electricity than HPS lights. According to market research, LED lights consume 90 percent less power than HPS grow lights. You have less load on your amperage and electric breakers at home because LED grow lights enhance the energy efficiency of your indoor garden.In comparison to HPS lights, LED lights have a longer bulb life. With time, HPS bulbs may become dimmer and lose efficiency. Even the actual operating cost over the lifetime of an HPS bulb increases with usage. On the other hand, LED bulbs offer a bit more power at the end of their lives.

When it comes to HPS lights they emanate more heat than LED lights, which often give you integrated heat sinks. Heat emanated from HPS lights requires ventilation which may cause additional costs. Whereas in the case of LED lights, the heat released is less than half than that of its counterpart, HPS.LED lights need less electricity to operate than HPS lights. This helps you reduce a major part of your indoor gardening expenses.Comparisons between LED and HPS lights clearly show that the LED bulb is the winner in a lot of factors. It saves you a lot of operating expenses due to built-in heat sinks. It also promises more energy efficiency than an HPS bulb. As they don’t lose efficiency quickly, they will only help you increase your savings over time.
There is really no better light quality than the power of the sun - which is why so many growers prefer outdoor growing.But indoor growing has advantages of its own, and oftentimes, is your only choice. So it’s important to replicate that sun as closely as you can. That’s where your grow lighting spectrum comes in.Spectrum describes the different wavelengths of light a fixture puts out. Ideally - you grow with a light that is full-spectrum, just like the sun. Even better if your fixture features added UV light for your plants!So which technology - LED or HPS - puts out a more optimized light spectrum for plant growth? That would be - yet again - LEDs.HPS grow lights can definitely get you from seed to harvest, but they’re best for flowering because of the red wavelengths they’re more dominant in. That’s why many growers will also keep an MH grow light or at least a bulb on hand to use during veg.LEDs not only serve as a full spectrum of light - ideal for both veg & flower - on many of these fixtures, but you can also actually adjust the spectrum to fine-tune it to whichever phase your plants are in. Most of these include added IR & UV light to round out the spectrum, too.

3. Which is the best choice?

  • Which one is better to choose? There is no absolute conclusion. Both types of grow lights have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you are more concerned about long-term benefits, you can choose LED lights. If you are new to cannabis cultivation, it is not clear whether to invest in this work for a long time. It may also be suitable to choose HPS with a lower initial cost. We believe that whether you choose HPS lights or full-spectrum LED grow lights, you must do a good job of preliminary research, choose the right product, and avoid the wrong choice to discourage your enthusiasm for planting!